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Rafting–Day 2

The rafting on day 2 was more exciting as noted in the introduction to Rafting Day-1 page.

One of the rafts overturned at the longest rapid. Everyone was rescued without any injury. I am sure it must have been great fun for them.

I regret the fact that all was normal with my raft! I really wanted some pleasant accident on day 2! BTW, I almost survived getting chucked in a rapid on day 2 and I am not happy about the survival. Those who were thrown out in water (not the JNUMC team)said they were luckier and enjoyed it more than us! I agree with them though Captain Vivek said it is their way of explanation to make it look less embarrassing!

We did a lot of body-surfing (swimming with the life-jackets on) on day 1 and day 2 (about 4-5 kms). There was cliff-jumping too! 😀 It was truckloads of fun! I look forward to visiting the place again and again and again and again…

Reaching the actual site…


Note the rapids (whiter) in the river!



Found this sweet kid on the beach! 🙂 I love kids of course!


JNUMC! Our team! Some, including yours truly, are not in the pic.



My raft! On the right is our guide! He is an adventurist who has spent 19 long years in this line! 😯 He has even gone rafting in the rivers of Ladakh for many days which is extremely dangerous for novices like us! He loves his Bullet too and is a biking aficionado! On the extreme left is Reena. Reena, Charu and some others were the guests with us on the trip from the Forest Research Institute (FRI, Dehradun). They effortlessly mixed with us and we never felt they were not JNUites! We enjoyed their company. Thank you people! 😀 They left us a day before the trip officially ended.


Me in the waters with Atin and Devesh! I swam for about 5 kms on the various days! I loved it! Almost everyone got down from the rafts; the more adventurous (like Captain Vivek) swam without holding the rope attached to the raft but none could risk taking the life-jackets off. Once upon a time Vikas feared water! Hey, I still do but with those life jackets on which I call ‘heavenly’ you have a zero risk affair in water! I was even planning to buy a life jacket and was the butt of jokes (bathroom me use karega Vikas ye life-jackets!). 😆 This pic was taken by our raft guide using my camera.


Cliff Jumping! 😀 Jump into water from this cliff about 20 feet high! It was a popular hangout for all rafts (from all companies). I jumped of course. Usama Obama did it ten times (he was sent back the 11th time!). It was a truly wonderful experience, simply put!


This is also a pic from the same venue!


Back to the beach (Rishikesh). That’s Vinay (orange T-shirt) and Sachin (black Koutons T-shirt). The M. Tech duo had everyone ROFL in the trip ! They entertained like anything and had tremendous energy when it came to speaking/talking/pulling legs! Vinay later became camera shy and avoided my camera!

This is the pic of the truck which served us food at the beach after the end of the rafting day –2. Vinay helped some damsels in distress and allowed them to violate the queue by preceding him! 😉

P.S.: ROFL – Rolling On Floor Laughing!


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  1. suresh kumar permalink
    March 19, 2009 4:43 PM

    good job
    all the pics are really very nice…….
    and I thanks to all of you……..
    it realy fantastic to meet with you people………..
    I enjoyed lot…………..

  2. Anamika %9 permalink
    March 23, 2009 9:12 AM

    Awesome website you got here, dude! Can I use your layout colour on my website?

    • March 23, 2009 5:18 PM

      Hello Anamika%9,

      Thank you.

      Please note that this blog is a copyrighted work (see the copyright notice in the sidebar). I don’t know what you mean by ‘layout colour’ and using it on your site.

      Please seek my consent by asking me more clearly what you mean by it. Do not take any pics without permission; they are meant for my friends only and for non-commercial purposes only.

      Also, your hyperlink and email was bordering on spam; so I have removed your hyperlink!

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