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These are some other interesting photos from the trip! 😀

Balu baba! Dipesh! 🙂


Spiritual foreigners impressed by our Babas/Sadhus (Haridwar)!


Sadhvi Kids (foreigners)/ Rishikesh!


Renunciation or style?! Rishikesh.


Baba ji enoying his siesta! Rishikesh


I fear Geckos! And this is the name of a shop here in Rishikesh! 😮 Click here to know more on my fear of Geckos!


Air being filled in the raft near the camp RapidFire (main road)!


Volleyball! I also played it probably for the first time in life and I was not so bad at it!


Kabaddi! I guess I was really good at Kabaddi!


Hurdle Jumping! I read in Paramita’s Orkut album that she, Dipesh and others have named this sport, “Tiger Jumping”! 😀 That’s Usama in red T-shirt – the Tiger in this pic!


This lady walked on the small tree like she was walking on the floor! 😮 I even made a one minute video of it. Saw it while the rock climbing was in progress!


Manisha, inside a home, during trekking…



Usama @ Yoga!


Males applying cream courtesy Paro (Paramita)! Getting ready for the departure…


Our last dinner was in this small restaurant in Haridwar! After running helter skelter to find a good restaurant, Manisha zeored in on this and was slightly irritated when people (including me) pointed out that it was a Vaishnava restaurant (which means they use no onion or garlic!). Finally Manisha won and we dined there and the food was quite okay! 😀 The bill was some 650 Rupees.


Suchi aka Sucharita (by the window in the middle of the pic) was understandably irritated when I shot this pic with the flash in the return journey(kahbi bhi camera le ke shuru ho jaata hai!). Sorry Suchi! You look nice in this pic just the same! 😀


At ISBT; Delhi Metro Pillar! Arre bhai! Peshaab karna kyu mana hoga?! Likho: ‘Yahaan’ peshaab karna mana hai!


Godavari Hostel bus stop! Back to JNU; 5 AM, 17 March 2009


Immediately after in my room! I bought this Tee shirt (120 Rupees, Rishikesh)! I may not be religious but I like all religious T-shirts/Kurtas (@style!)


Also bought this one too (105 Rupees, Rishikesh…)


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  1. suresh kumar permalink
    March 19, 2009 4:47 PM

    good job
    all the pics are really very nice…….
    and I thanks to all of you……..
    it realy fantastic to meet with you people………..
    I enjoyed lot…………..

  2. paramita permalink
    March 19, 2009 7:58 PM

    by US i didnt mean me and dipesh but our grp

    • March 19, 2009 8:04 PM

      Ok! I am doing the needful!

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